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Who's Got Next?

As a young adult, playing three on three pick-up basketball game at one of the outdoor neighborhood parks was one of my favorite things to do. Usually it’s the same people playing, and you already know who you want on your team. For the most part, a team consists of one guard, one forward and one post player. If a game has already started, you ask the players sitting around, “Who’s got next?” And without fail, a team member will immediately shout, “We Got Next!” They have been discussing among themselves their strategies to beat either team that wins. They are prepared and ready to win! Are you prepared? Are you prepared and ready to be next?

There are three characteristics winners have in common that makes them unstoppable.

Say this out loud, “PREPARATION!” Preparation is the groundwork, even the foundation to succeed. There are three (3) requirements for preparation: 1) doing what you don’t want to do; 2) going where you dare not go; and 3) being who you were destined to be! Preparation for transformation starts with you. For example, the treadmill is still a treadmill whether a fat man or skinny woman walks on it. It’s the person on the treadmill that will change after using it. Say these words,” I was born prepared. I am prepared to win.” NUMBER ONE: To win will require us to do what we don’t want to do. Look at the ballet dancer spending hours on his feet; the musician practicing the same measure for extended periods of time and the swimmer starting laps at 4:00 am in the pool by herself for hours every single day. Say out loud, “I will do what I don’t want to do so I can get what I always wanted.” NUMBER TWO: To stay a prepared winner, we must go where you don’t want to go. Who wants to be in the hot sun and even hotter sand hitting a volleyball as grains of sand irritate your eyes? Who wants to be sitting in an uncomfortable desk chair for three straight hours calling 200 unknown people hoping for that one person to buy your products? Say it two times, “I will go where I don’t want to go so that I can be where she always wanted to be! NUMBER THREE: A prepared winner will be who they were destined to be at all times. The phrase, “Fake it until you make it” only makes you a FAKER. Be you every single day of the week because only you can be uniquely you. Look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I will be who I was destined to be everyday of the week.” So, Who Got Next?

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