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Freda's has the dynamic ability to engage an audience no matter the size and leave you with on the spot tools you can use in the moment.  I am glad we had her to speak at our conference.
Pastor Shana Wise


I truly enjoyed Freda’s presentation from start to finish.  I took away 2 important nuggets from her presentation. 1) My Living Vision is ALIVE, ACTIVE with action and AFFIRMING it daily; and  2) Say NO and mean it! - Angel Myer


As an ex-professional athlete and now businessman, I have worked with a ton of talented, capable people.  Freda is genuine inside and out which makes her talents and limitless capacity shine even brighter.  Bottom line, Freda Doxey is the real deal! –James Watkins


If you are looking for no nonsense, raw and loving advise, you must schedule your appointment today. You'll break through limiting mindsets and be fired up for your next session.  Freda is definitely my fire-starter and accountability partner. Linda A. Feliciano,
Founder Asher Business Group, LLC

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